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Mintech Cnc Beam Saw MS2600 Machine

MS Series

Mintech Cnc Beam Saw MS2600 Machine

MS series automatic acrylic electronic cutting saw is a cost-effective product , mainly for cutting acrylic and plastic materials such as PP/PC/PS/PVC/PMMA/ABS/POM etc., suitable for LED panel lights, acrylic craft products, and plastic processing. The production enterprise has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high precision, good safety performance and environmental protection. The steel structure of the whole machine is seamlessly welded, and 800°high temperature heat treatment ensures the stability of the workbench. The large-scale CNC gantry milling machine ensures the accuracy of each assembly surface, improves the stability of the machine's operation and the smoothness and precision of the cutting.

    Electronic Beam Saw


    • Total Weight :5000KG
    • Working Size :2500X2500MM
    • Machine Size:5500×5600×1700MM

    List Of Machine Configurations




    Total Weight




    Working Size




    Machine Size




    Working pressure



    Working Voltage


    AC380V 50Hz(Three-phase four-wire )


    Main Spindle Speed




    Scoring Spindle Speed




    Feeding Saw Voltage




    Cutting Saw Voltage




    Working Thickness


    ≤80mm(according to the material)


    Effective Processing Length




    Effective Processing Depth




    Cutting Speed


    20-80m/min(Step-less speed regulation)


    Straight Line Cutting Accuracy




    Feeding Accuracy




    Diagonal Accuracy




    Feeding Speed




    Feeding & Cutting

    Drive Mode


    Gear rack


    Feeding Structure


    Pneumatic float


    High Pressure Fan Power






    Pulse servo position control




    Main Saw Specifications


    Outer Diameter


    φ305MM-φ355 MM


    Inside Diameter










    Slot Saw Specifications


    Outer Diameter




    Inside Diameter






    2.9MM-4 MM


    Main Saw Speed


    3950~4500 rpm(Variable Frequency Conversion)


    Slot Saw Speed


    5400 rpm


    Total Power


    17/21 KW


    Product Introduction

    Introducing our Electronic Cutting Saw - Your Precision and Efficiency Partner
    At the forefront of precision engineering, our Electronic Cutting Saw delivers exceptional performance that seamlessly blends efficiency, precision, and safety. Tailored to meet the demands of a variety of industries, our state-of-the-art saw ensures precise cuts and boosts productivity. 

    1)Enhanced Feeding Platform:
    The feeding platform of our Electronic Cutting Saw is designed with precision and ease of use in mind. It features a floating ball and roller table design, complemented by gripping handles and servo-driven functionality. This meticulous design ensures precise material feeding, preventing any damage to the sheets while also minimizing the risk of inaccuracies during the process.

    2)Cutting-Edge Structure:
    The heart of our product lies in its structural design, featuring both a primary saw and a slot saw. These components employ helical rack and linear guide rail drives, combined with servo drive technology, to deliver the highest level of precision and quality in your cuts. The bidirectional cutting capability of the primary and slot saws ensures that sheet edge blowouts and film damage are a thing of the past, while the rack and linear guide rail drives maintain straight-line precision.

    3)Cooling System for Optimal Performance:
    In instances where high-hardness or thicker materials are involved, our Electronic Cutting Saw steps up with its dedicated mist cooling system. This system efficiently cools the saw blades and cutting surfaces, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of your cutting processes.

    4)Streamlined Material Handling:
    To further enhance efficiency, we've incorporated a front floatation table design. This design minimizes friction during material feeding and unloading, making the handling of sheets a breeze while safeguarding against sheet damage.

    5)User-Friendly Control System:
    Operating our Electronic Cutting Saw is a straightforward task, thanks to its user-friendly control system. Driven by a Mitsubishi PLC control and a Delta touch screen human-machine interface, the machine is not only easy to use but also maintains stable and reliable performance.

    6)Precision Pressure Mechanism:
    The pressure feeding mechanism plays a vital role in ensuring precision cuts. Our Electronic Cutting Saw is equipped with dual pressure beams that prevent sheet slippage, thereby guaranteeing the utmost accuracy when working with small or thin materials. For sheets smaller than 500mm, a dedicated material alignment mechanism has been engineered to eliminate any issues related to sheet misalignment during feeding.


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