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Mintech CNC Beam Saw MS3200 Machine


Mintech CNC Beam Saw MS3200 Machine

MS series automatic acrylic electronic cutting saw is a cost-effective product , mainly for cutting acrylic and plastic materials such as PP/PC/PS/PVC/PMMA/ABS/POM etc., suitable for LED panel lights, acrylic craft products, and plastic processing. The production enterprise has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high precision, good safety performance and environmental protection. The steel structure of the whole machine is seamlessly welded, and 800°high temperature heat treatment ensures the stability of the workbench. The large-scale CNC gantry milling machine ensures the accuracy of each assembly surface, improves the stability of the machine's operation and the smoothness and precision of the cutting.

    Cutting Spindle


    • Total Weight :5500KG
    • Working Size :3200X3200MM
    • Machine Size:6000×6000×1700MM

    List Of Machine Configurations

      Model   MS3200
      Total Weight   5500KG
      Working Size   3200*3200MM
      Machine Size   6000*6000*1700MM
      Working pressure ≥6KG/CM2
      Working Voltage   AC380V 50Hz(Three-phase four-wire )
      Main Spindle Speed   11KW
      Scoring Spindle Speed   1.5KW
      Feeding Saw Voltage   2KW
      Cutting Saw Voltage   1.5KW
      Working Thickness   ≤80mm(according to the material)
      Effective Processing Length   3100MM
      Effective Processing Depth   3100MM
      Cutting Speed   20-80m/min(Step-less speed regulation)
      Straight Line Cutting Accuracy   0.25mm/3200mm
      Feeding Accuracy   ±0.15MM
      Diagonal Accuracy   1200/2400<0.7MM
      Feeding Speed   20m/min
      Feeding & Cutting Drive Mode   Gear rack
      Feeding Structure   Pneumatic float
      High Pressure Fan Power   2.2KW
      Targeting   Pulse servo position control
          Main Saw Specifications   Outer Diameter   φ305MM-φ355 MM
      Inside Diameter   Φ30MM
      Thickness   3MM
          Slot Saw Specifications   Outer Diameter   φ180MM
      Inside Diameter   Φ30MM
      Thickness   2.9MM-4 MM
      Main Saw Speed   3950~4500 rpm(Variable Frequency Conversion)   Slot Saw Speed   5400 rpm
      Total Power   17/21 KW

    Product Introduction

    Introducing our Electronic Cutting Saw - Your Precision and Efficiency Partner
    At the forefront of precision engineering, our Electronic Cutting Saw delivers exceptional performance that seamlessly blends efficiency, precision, and safety. Tailored to meet the demands of a variety of industries, our state-of-the-art saw ensures precise cuts and boosts productivity. 

    1)1)Precision in Every Cut:
    One of the standout features of our Electronic Cutting Saw is its ability to deliver precision in every cut. Whether you're working with acrylic, wood, plastics, electronic insulation materials, laminated wood, or aluminum composite panels, our saw ensures that your cuts are accurate to the smallest detail. This level of precision is achieved through advanced servo-controlled positioning and a precision ball screw drive system, which work in harmony to guarantee the utmost accuracy in your cutting tasks.

    2)Efficiency Redefined:
    The heart of our product lies in its structural design, featuring both a primary saw and a slot saw. These components employ helical rack and linear guide rail drives, combined with servo drive technology, to deliver the highest level of precision and quality in your cuts. The bidirectional cutting capability of the primary and slot saws ensures that sheet edge blowouts and film damage are a thing of the past, while the rack and linear guide rail drives maintain straight-line precision.

    3)3)Versatile Across Industries:
    Our Electronic Cutting Saw's versatility is another of its defining features. It can effortlessly handle a broad spectrum of sheet materials, including acrylic, wood, various plastics, electronic insulation materials, laminated wood, and aluminum composite panels. This adaptability allows our product to seamlessly integrate into numerous industries, ranging from acrylic processing and light guide panel production to woodworking, PCB circuit board manufacturing, and engineering plastics.


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