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Mintech Acrylic High Speed Polishing Machine MY-1600


Mintech Acrylic High Speed Polishing Machine MY-1600

Machine features:The main structure is made of STEEL , and the structure is stable without deformation;Precision screw rod, imported servo drive, cylinder quick press material;

  • Model MY-1600
  • Working Size 2540mm x 1000mm x 1520mm
  • Main structure STEEL
  • Work area L0-1600mm or longer
  • Working thickness 0~110mm
  • Working depth 0-2mm
  • Spindle speed 7000~9000RPM
  • Work speed 0~2000mm/min

Machine Specification


  • Machine function:Trimming and polishing of acrylic and other materials.
  • Applicable materials:Acrylic, PC, MS, PS and other materials.
  • Applicable industry:The advertising, exhibition, Home Furnishing furniture, LED lighting, Light guide plate processing, craft gifts, etc.
  • The machine advantages: Stable structure, high processing precision, good quality and speed.

MY-1600 Acrylic High Speed Polishing Machine

  Model   MY-1600   Remarks
Machine size 2540mm x 1000mm x 1520mm  
Main structure STEEL  
Work area L0-1600mm or longer  
Working thickness 0~ 110mm  
Working depth 0-2mm Can adjust
Spindle speed 7000~9000RPM Can adjust
Work speed 0~2000mm/min Can adjust
Bevel polishing 0 °~60 ° Customize
Cutter feed method Cylinder propulsion  
parameter adjustment manual adjustment  
Machining model Spindle feed  
Speed regulation Frequency conversion  
Program control PLC  
Machine power 3KW AC 50~60hz 3ph 380V  
Compressed air 0.6~0.8Mpa  
Machine weight 1300Kg  
Cutter Three blade or six blade Choose as needed

Product Feature

Acrylic Diamond Polishing Machine — The Ideal Choice for Polishing Techniques
☑ Our Acrylic Diamond Polishing Machine stands out with its superior features and functions, making it the ideal choice for polishing techniques. Its design incorporates a main structure made from welded steel tubing, processed with high-temperature annealing and precision gantry milling to guarantee structural stability, high processing accuracy, and superior quality. 
☑ The machine's precise screw drive and electronic ruler adjustment, coupled with a pneumatic quick clamping system, enable fine edge-finishing and polishing on materials such as acrylic. Moreover, it can also handle other materials like PC, MS, and PS, offering broader processing capabilities and flexibility. Suitable for multiple industries, including advertising, exhibition display, home furnishing, LED lighting, light guide plate processing, and crafts, our machine produces smooth, shiny finishes, contributing to a high-quality end product.
☑ Available in various processing sizes and open to customization in both size and technique, our machine aims to fulfill the diverse requirements of our clients. As a seasoned manufacturer, we ensure a steady supply and have a wealth of experience in export. 
☑ Our OEM customization services allow us to tailor machines to specific customer needs, complete with extensive after-sales support. For anyone involved in advertising production, exhibition display, home furnishing manufacturing, or other industries, our Acrylic Diamond Polishing Machine is your go-to for efficient and precise polishing work, bringing additional competitive advantages to your products.


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