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Mintech T6 CNC Cutting Router


Mintech T6 CNC Cutting Router

Elevate your craft with the MINTECH CNC Router T Series, the professional's preferred choice for outstanding performance and versatility in engraving and cutting. Our machines marry the simplicity of operation with a full suite of advanced features, making them the ideal solution for a spectrum of creative applications. Designed with a focus on user experience, our engraving machines offer an intuitive interface that simplifies the process, removing any need for complex setup or extensive training—perfect for both novices and seasoned practitioners.

Adaptability is at the core of our machinery, accommodating a diverse range of materials such as acrylic, wood, plastics, electronic insulation, bakelite, aluminum sheets, and composites. This versatility empowers you to confidently approach any project. Precision is never in question with our machines; they deliver intricate designs and exceptionally precise cuts, ensuring your final product stands out in both craftsmanship and quality. High-speed operation enhances your production capability, substantially boosting productivity.

    Cutting Spindle


    • Working voltage:AC380V /OR 220V /50-60HZ / 3PH
      Working size:1250mm * 2500mm * 100mm
      The height from beam to working table:130mm 

    Product Parameter

    Model T6  
    Working voltage AC380V /OR 220V /50-60HZ / 3PH Working size 1250mm * 2500mm * 100mm
    The height from beam to working table 250mm 250mm
    Max working speed 20m/min (Tools required for maximum cutting 30m/min
    Maximum idle speed
    Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.05mm(within 300mm)  
    Driving mode  X, Y axis adopt bevel gear rack transmission,the Z axis adopts the high precision ball screw drive.  

    Control System

    Operation software using WeiHong control system .
    Tool compensation function.support tool radius compensation and length compensation measured by both manual and automatic modes,easy to understand human-computer interface,make users reduce the conversion of tool compensation values  for users using tool length compensation,avoidance of many unnecessary conversions.
    Program simulation and real-time simulation provides powerful program simulation capabilities,can fully display the process of rough cutting.The program simulation function also supports the transition between the analog interface and the processing interface at any time.It is convenient for users to monitor the processing program in real time to make the processing convenient.
    Complete precision machining of milling drilling angle and other functions in one clip.Adopt high precision ball screw guide gear bar to ensure machine stability.CNC t6_316f

    Cutting Spindle

    Spindle motor:9 KW Automatic tool change .4000—24000rpm ER32 ISO30 air- cooling
    CNC t6_4b1g

    Working Table

    The working table is made of phenolic composite material to ensure the flatness of the working table.
    Adopt high efficiency grid vacuum table,any part of the worktable can quickly absorb the workpiece.
    Vacuum pipe adopts double filtration to avoid failure due to vacuum pump inhalation of chips.

    Tool Changing System

    Straight-line tool changing system (5 Tools position)
    CNC t6_29j8

    A list of machine configurations

    NO Desc.   Parameter Remarks
      1   Working area X axial processing scope 1250mm  
    Y axial processing scope 2500mm  
    Z axial processing scope 100mm  
            2         Machine parameter index X   、  Y  、  Z axial motion positioning accuracy 0.05mm/300mm  
    X 、 Y 、 Z repeated positioning accuracy 0.05mm/300mm
    Maximum displacement speed 30m/min
    Maximum processing speed 20m/min
    total weight of machine tools About 2500KG
    machine tool operating voltage AC380V/OR 220V/50-60HZ/3PH
      3   Working table phenolic panel table vacuum adsorption table  
    worktable load 380KG  
    4 CNC System Wei Hong NK 280  
    5 ATC Staight-line tool changing system 5pcs in one row  
        6 Drive power ( SERVO MOTOR ) X axial drive motor Delta Taiwan
    Y axial drive motor Delta Taiwan
    Z axial drive motor Delta Taiwan
      7   Spindle Spindle Cooling Air cooling ATC  
    Spindle speed 24000RPM  
    spindle power 9 KW  
        8     Guide rail X axle guide rail square guide rail (25mm)  
    Y axle guide rail square guide rail (25mm)  
    Z axle guide rail square guide rail (20mm)  
      9   Drive X shaft drive Helical rack  
    Y shaft drive Helical rack  
    Z shaft drive ball screw  
    10 Vacuum pump High pressure air pump 5.5KW  


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